Week 3: Day 20 Of 28 BBG

Day 20 of 28!!! ONE week left 👊🏻 #PowerYoga today 🙌🏻

Here are Lessons Yoga Has Taught Me: (life and fitness , in no particular order). 

•Yoga reminds me I’m truly alive. 

•Breath is essential to living. Deep breathing has many benefits in our everyday life that we never think of. Yoga taught me to control my breath and control my thoughts with my breath; it helped to change my reactions to everything! 

•Yoga improves my flexibility. 

•Practice Regularly. It’ll change habits. Start with small easy steps & you’ll soon be making permanent & sustainable changes in your lifestyle, emphasizing good habits. Repetition has proven to be the most effective way. 

•The benefits will come on their own. We are a goal-oriented society who wants things fast. Bodies, like most organic, growing things, need time to make changes. So the idea of strict, short-term fitness goals can create real problems in the mind and body. Focus on the process , the more the good habits of exercise become a normal part of our psychology. 

•There is no destination. Keep going forward, even though there is no endpoint. Life is one big journey and the finish line is far from the high point. 

•Clear your mind. Take a mental break. Create space in the mind to feel what is happening to the body during exercise. 

•Be present. What’s coming next doesn’t matter, because in this moment, it doesn’t even exist. We just have right now and it’s so important to focus on this moment. 

•Yoga has taught me Proper Form. Don’t harm yourself! I use to think I can’t do that exercise! It taught me the how to, understand , and be aware of alignment, range of motion, tension, and other factors. The quality, range of motion, and tension will dictate the success of your workout, so focus on that form for fitness!


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